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"My advisor gave friendly, helpful and clear advice at every stage of a very challenging employee situation. I felt supported, but still in control of the process. Highly recommended!"

Debbie Parrish

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Transferring ownership of a business is stressful, whether you’re the buyer or the seller.

During the handover, you need to make sure you’re respecting employee rights. And to do this, you must follow the TUPE regulations.

These regulations are complicated. But don’t worry—Employer Advice is here to help.

When you call our free 24/7 helpline, our UK-based experts will guide you through TUPE with quick, reliable and easy-to-understand advice that’s relevant to your business.

With our support, you’ll feel confident that you’re following the law.

Advice based on the Acas Code of Practice

Our free advice is based on the Acas Code of Practice, which you must consult when you’re following TUPE. We use the code to answer questions like:

  • Who does TUPE apply to?
  • How long is TUPE valid for?
  • What do I need to include in a TUPE checklist?
  • Can I make redundancies after buying a business?

It doesn’t matter if your question is big or small, we’ll take the time to explain exactly what you need to do.

A track record of success

Since 1941, we’ve guided thousands of businesses through the TUPE regulations, helping them to make transfer of ownership as smooth as possible.

“I was in the process of buying a business, but didn’t know whether I had to keep the existing staff. So I phoned Employer Advice, who told me everything I needed to know about TUPE and how to follow the regulations.” J. Handley, store owner, Bristol

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