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A claim for unfair dismissal can cost an employer up to £15,000 in legal fees and up to £93,878 in compensation. The risk of getting procedures wrong can cost you time, money and reputation. Avoid risk by getting in touch with our team TODAY.

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What to do if your employee is suing you

Dismissals are the most common reason a claim can be brought against your business at tribunals. Make sure you’ve got everything right.

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Common Dismissal Questions

How we can protect you?

Assuming a claim has been raised against you—what can you do?

You need to prepare well for the tribunal hearing. That means collecting all relevant evidence from meetings, internal investigations, and so on. This will help argue your case. Failure to provide documentation could show that you were negligent in your processes leading to termination of contract.

If you are uncertain about any step of the tribunal process, you should seek advice from employment law experts. Our team consists of solicitors and employment law consultants who are available 24/7 to answer your query.

Check out some of the questions we regularly receive:

  • How do I prepare for an employment tribunal?
  • How to follow the right process for tribunals?
  • What evidence will I need to provide at tribunal?
  • Can I represent myself at tribunal?
  • How much will I be forced to pay out at tribunal?
  • Are there any alternatives to a tribunal hearing?
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90% of claimants win the case. This can cost you thousands

When it comes to an employment tribunal, costs can easily mount up. Unfair dismissal claims, which are common, can cost you upwards of £15,000 in legal fees alone and more than £93,000 in compensation. It only takes something as small as a procedural error or improper documentation – so don’t take the risk.

Getting your documents prepared correctly and being clear on the process ahead of your tribunal is vital to ensure you maximise your chances of success. Employer Advice will also guide you on avoiding tribunals in future with expert advice to ensure your business remains compliant.

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Assisting Employers on Tribunal claims For More than 40 Years

Having an employment issue that goes to a tribunal can be an extremely stressful time for employers. At Employer Advice, we want to make sure you avoid tribunals altogether.

From making sure you’ve got the right policies and documentation to checking your procedures, Employer Advice are on hand 24/7 to steer employers in the right direction and keep you clear of litigation.

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